What to do with this Tool?

Create Infinite Plans

You can create as much exit plans as you wish.Theres no limit in creating different strategies for different factors.

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Share your Plans!

After you created your plan you can public it and share the public url.
You can also export your plan.

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Simple and Free

Excel spreadsheets are good but a hussle for tracking your plans fast!Also it is static and requires updating,Luncit is automatic.

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Select your Strategy

Select your Strategy
See what you can make depending on the selected Strategy

What is the inversion?

Select if you are a holder of luncs
What have you invested sofar in coins and average buy price or select the money you want to invest
Total BuyIn(Avg)
Your total Luna coins you hold (aka bag min:10000) and your average buyin price ex:000.15
Select if you dont hold luncs
How much can i make with Investing:

Progress of Exit Strategy

Breakdown by Percent

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